Margred Pryce

Film & TV Editor

Inside a Marriage

Inside a Marriage


Inside a Marriage

23 minutes | 2020

Inside a Marriage is a short documentary made at NFTS which 
takes a compassionate look at a profound moment in a family's life together. After 10 years of marriage, Shilpa and Dipak have temporarily separated to work out whether they have a future together. The film follows their journey and explores what it is that binds a family together in the face of adversity.

This film achieved remarkable access to tell the story of a woman's journey within her marriage, creatively exploring moments that are rarely captured. It's strong structure and themes kept the story moving along, skilfully showing viewers something new. Ambiguous to the end, it was a cracking film that judges thought warranted a Highly Commended citation.    The Grierson Awards 2020

Director: Ben Cheetham
Editor: Margred Pryce
Composer: Adam Speck
Sound Design: Ed Rousseau

Grierson Awards 2020 – Special Mention in the Best Student Documentary category
RTS Awards 2021 – nominated for the Best Student Documentary award