Margred Pryce

Film & TV Editor

Excuse Me

Excuse Me


Excuse Me

6 minutes| 2021

Bullied by her 'friend' at work, Lucia's repressed feelings erupt as violent sounds. Mortified and scared, she excuses herself to the loo, where her feelings become as loud and clear as music. Lucia must choose whether to reject the truth erupting from inside her body, or accept the invitation to dance with her demons.


Cast: Lucia Tong, Page Carter
Writer &
Director: Vanessa Rose
Producer: James Bowsher
Cinematographer: Pep Bosch i Calvo
Editor: Margred Pryce
Sound Design: Yinn Lee
Composer: Sarah Ann Boughton
Colorist: Marco Valerio


Berlin International Art Film Festival 2021 – Winner Best First Time Short Film & Best Actress
LA Independent Woman Film Awards 2021 – Nominated for Best Short Film

Official Selection
Montreal Independent Film Festival 2021